boutique hotel bedroom

Boutique hotel bedroom

tanssi iittala

May I have this Tanssi?


Twas the night before Christmas

Our bed linnen is usually all white, but I find this grey polkadot fun as well. It's the Stenklöver from Ikea (€17,95). The ochre cushion covers (€7,99) and the grey scarf (€14,95) are from H&M. The white chrochet blanket (priceless) is like a gazillion years old and was made by my greatgrandmother Martta mummo.

Grey and ochre bedroom

This new Nappula candelabra would make a beautiful center piece any table. It's also designed by Matti Klenell and costs €199. Available in white only. Have you noticed the Taika cushion covers on the sofa? Those are still on my wish list!

New Iittala interior collection

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